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Preparing students to think differently

Student onboarding

Preparing students to think differently

Antonia Cobb

Antonia Cobb, a senior manager in workforce experience at Accenture, says today's graduates enter the workforce well versed in market relevant, digital skills and are looking for challenging, meaningful work aligned with their personal values.

Work itself is changing with digital automation of many basic tasks making entry level roles more and more demanding. This aligns with what graduates want but makes their learning curve steeper than ever.

And great onboarding teaches not only new knowledge and skills, but also the new behaviours needed to be successful.

So how do we prepare students to behave and think differently?

Three techniques Accenture uses to prepare students for the world of work:

  1. Learning to learn for yourself – using micro-actions to practice new behaviours and form new habits
  2. Learning to innovate, take risks, and not be afraid to fail – harnessing passion and competition to solve real problems.
  3. Learning to have difficult conversations - using digital technology to practise for face to face discussions


We look forward to hearing Antonia's talk on 28 March 2018 at our Student Development Conference. 

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