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ISE Surveys

ISE Surveys

ISE surveys aim to support decision-making

ISE research helps employers, universities, suppliers, and wider stakeholders in the student recruitment & development industry make well-informed decisions about student talent.

ISE members have full access to this research for free. Non-members can purchase the Annual Survey 2017 by visiting our store. Contact ISE Research Analyst Samuel Gordon with any queries.


Key features of our research programme:

  • A focus on practical research which is easy for organisations to act on
  • Designed with regular member input
  • All analysis carried out in-house with a dedicated point of contact
  • Long-term tracking of key market indicators - over ten years in some cases
  • Annual Survey responses come from around 200 employers and over 15 sectors
  • Covers graduate, apprentice, intern, placement and school leaver hires

Main surveys:

ISE runs four main surveys a year and shares the findings at our events.

  • ISE Annual Survey - a comprehensive snapshot of student recruitment activity
  • ISE Development Survey - a comprehensive shapshot of graduate development
  • ISE "Hot Topic" Survey - an in-depth look at one topic of interest e.g. diversity
  • ISE Student Recruitment Pulse Survey - a short survey on final hires and offers

The provisional timing of these surveys is below.

  • ISE Annual Survey - opens for responses in July, launches in September
  • ISE Development Survey - opens for responses in November, launches in March
  • ISE "Hot Topic" Survey - opens for responses in April, launches in June
  • ISE Student Recruitment Pulse Survey - opens for responses in November, launches in January


How to access ISE Surveys

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ISE Surveys

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